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This page is dedicated to all women who served during WWII and helped to win the war against the enemies of freedom and democracy.
Interested in WWII women's history?

Interested in WWII women's uniforms?

Interested in reenacting a female WWII character?

This site will provide detailed information about several WWII women's service organizations. If you are interested in reenacting, it will help you to find a favorite character and knowledge about the correct garments for your personal reenactment, so that you do not look like one of the pin-up girls in the picture above ( unless you want to reenact an USO artist ;-).

Updated Official Release Date
December 28,2016
(internationally available January/February 2017)

Women for Victory - 2
American Servicewomen
in World War II
History and Uniforms Series
Volume Two
 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

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List Price: $89.99


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