Public Health Service
II. Facts about the PHS
-. Purpose of the PHS
-. Structure of the PHS
-. Types of Duty
Purpose of the Public Health Service
The Public Health Service, under the Surgeon General, was charged with matters relating to the protection and improvement of the public health.
Its authorized functions were research and promotion of research relating to the causes, diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of physical and mental diseases and impairments of people, control of biologic products, cooperation with state and other health agencies, prevention of the introduction of disease from abroad or the spread of disease in the United States, medical care of legal beneficiaries, and the dissemination of health information.

The Public Health Service also played a crucial health role in military operations during wartime. 


.Seal of the Public Health

                Structure of the Public Health Service
Components  Head Ranks
Public Health Service Headquarters 
-. Surgeon General
- Deputy Surgeon General
National Institute of Health
-. Assistant Surgeon General, Director
Bureau of State Services
-. States Relations Division
-. Division of Venereal Diseases
(as Venereal Disease Division)
-. Industrial Hygiene Division
(newly established in 1943)
-. Assistant Surgeon General, Chief
- Assistant Surgeon General, Associate Chief
Bureau of Medical Services
-. Division of Marine Hospitals and Relief
(as Hospital Division)
-. Division of Mental Hygiene
-. Division of Foreign and Insular Quarantine and Immigration (as Foreign Quarantine Division)
-. Assistant Surgeon General, Chief
War Shipping Administration
-. Assistant Surgeon General, Chief Medical Officer
Division of Commissioned Officers
-. Medical Director
Division of Dentistry 
-. Dental Director
Division of Engineering Sanitary
-. Engineer Director
United States Coast Guard
-. Medical Director
Division of Public Health Methods
-. Chief
Division of Nurse Education
(Cadet Nurse Corps) 
-. Nurse Director
Office of International Health Relations 
(established 1945)
Surgeon General of the Public Health Service Thomas Parran, April 6, 1936 to April 5, 1948
.. Note: PHS Reorganization Order No. 1, dated December 30, 1943, implemented the Public Health Service Act (57 Stat. 587) of November 11, 1943. It established two headquarters components, the Bureau of Medical Services and Bureau of State Services. 
Retained by the immediate Office of the Surgeon General were Division of Personnel and Accounts (split into Civil Service Personnel Section and Budget and Fiscal Office, both under the Deputy Surgeon General, and Division of Commissioned Officers) and Division of Sanitary Reports and Statistics, which was absorbed into Division of Public Health Methods which had been transferred from the National Institute of Health.
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 Purpose of the PHS
Structure of the PHS
Types of Duty
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