Women for Victory - 2
American Servicewomen
in World War II
History and Uniforms Series
Volume Two
 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

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The “Women for Victory” series by Katy Endruschat Goebel provides a thorough and authoritative reference for American servicewomen’s history and uniforms of World War II. This complete and unparalleled source is designed for scholars of women’s or military history, veterans, collectors, re-enactors and others interested in the history and dress of these women on active military service for the United States in that conflict.

Illustrated historical
background information
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The second volume of the Women for Victory book series records the history and uniforms of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC).


The WAAC was the first American servicewomen‘s organization in World War II to enlist female noncombatant volunteers for service with the United States Army and to employ them in other than medical capacities.


Full length studies
of uniforms
Front and back views
of uniforms

 This unique, in-depth study reveals many rarely known facts about this vanguard female wartime organization.

Authentic uniform attire, also worn by the successor organization the Women s Army Corps, is presented in color photographs, never before documented with this depth of completeness and detail.

Close-up views 
of uniforms
Footwear and
accessory artifacts

Over 1,150 personal and archival illustrations on 336 pages supplement the wealth of textual information.

The appendix includes various statistical data and a cloth sample picture gallery. 

Cloth sample
picture gallery


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